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Haitian women have been roaring since the war for independence

Freedom and equality.

When the victims of oppression are at the same level as their oppressors is when equality is achieved.

So the first step is freedom then comes equality, but what’s freedom without equality?

No one knows more about the steps to equality than women and these Haitian women took part in our battle for independence that took place between 1791 to 1804.

Marie-Jeanne (above): With vigor she encouraged her fellow soldiers and fought during the resistance at the battle of Crete-a-Pierrot.

1. Henriette Saint-Marc: provided arms and intelligence to officers in the indigenous battalions. She was caught. At the moment she was hanged she shouted, “long live liberty!”

2. Sanite Belair: She too was convicted to death for fighting for liberty. When the French killed her she refused to let them wrap her eyes closed.

3. Claire Heureuse: Dessaline was her husband. She was known for her generosity; she cared for enemie and compatriots with the same devotion.

4. Catherine Flon: She stitched together the blue and the red of the first flag of the indigenous army symbolizing the union.

Those women helped set off a revolution to pave a way for people everywhere to know what’s possible when we know that we are free and we know that equality exists.


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