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Ways to Support #BlackLivesMatter

the systems we are fighting against were literally created to oppress marginalized communities and therefore will not go down without a fight. we need to collectively stand up and do something about it.

What NOT to do:

1). DO NOT donate to any fundraisers hosted by Shaun King. he has an extensive history of collecting funds for pro-Black movements which have disappeared. he has also deleted all petitions by The Action Pac because he is affiliated with them.

2). stop sharing videos of Black people being murdered. “Seeing all sides” doesn’t mean watching someone’s murder. Believe Black people. it’s gratuitous and exploitative.

3). ignore us. a riot is the language of the unheard. - MLK


  • This google doc includes a list of petitions to sign, resources to help educate yourself and others, organizations to donate to, and contacts of law officials to get in touch with to express your support for the george floyd and black lives matter movements. this includes ways to help even if you don’t live in america. please read it and support the movement.

  • use your voice. use every platform you have, no matter how big or how small. nothing will change if you just sit there and watch. if you think you’re the exception, you’re not. remaining indifferent will only support the oppressor. do something.

  • write to your legal representatives. express your support for legislation that would bring justice to the unarmed civilians who’ve been murdered by law enforcement officers. demand for justice.

  • call 612-324-4499 ㅡ this is a hotline that will coach you on how to get connected with the people who can arrest the officers that murdered george floyd.

  • create serious conversation. stop demeaning people who disagree with your philosophies on how to overcome. it is useless and no better than the practices of the oppressor to silence. we need to listen to each other with respect and really consider how we can combine our perspectives to create practical change.



2). BLM Google Doc




Google doc and resources from @ambivaIcnt on Twitter. #Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

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