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Big City, Big Muzik

Mac Tuk is what Knoxville’s underground music scene needs.

Music poured into my ears from the speakers as we pulled up to the album release of Big City Muzik in Knoxville, TN. The Vibe was a spot you could have the craziest weekend at, and I could tell tonight was going to be no different. Mac Tuk had set up the perfect ambiance to showcase his lineup of Big City Muzik, Take 1. Born in Tennessee, Tuk always knew producing was his calling and the people around saw it early on, too. Fast forward to October 13th, he was setting the city ablaze with a body of work we never expected.

Never the one to be flashy, Tuk let all the passion and big city shine through his production. From the first track, “Fue” featuring Hitt & Dailey Lofton, the lyrics remind you that regardless of where they’re going and the hustle that follows, they’re still the same heavy hitters the city knew well. Combine that ambition with top notch mixing and mastering, any producer in their right mind knew this was the song to start the project with.

Track after track being performed by the artist, the energy was high and there was no indication they were going to let up. Tuk worked the room with ease, showing the city that this is what he was born for. This is what he was meant to do, and our ears were sure to be living proof. His goal was to make hit record after hit record, and he didn’t disappoint.

Because I was possibly a shone in my past life, my favorite track immediately became, “A.M.” after very first listen. Litty Lee croons lyrics letting us know he’s about that “breakfast & head” life and I knew it was time to proudly join Amber Rose’s “Slut Walk”. Why? Because my body was ready, that’s why (mind your business).

Fellas, don’t trip, though! This art has something for everyone, because I was ready to walk into a function with the clique ready to fuck shit UP and leave after hearing, “No Screws” featuring Snapp. Don’t even get me started on Trop Blanco’s, “Real Spill”. On almost every track she’s on, you can feel every lyric that spills out of her mouth. From R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop & more, this is a project for everyone. It’s Big City Muzik, baby!


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