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5 Phenomenal Muslim Women

After a heart-wrenching week in the Muslim community, we've put together a quick list of five amazing Muslim women to highlight during National Women's Month. #SpreadLove

It’s been a heartbreaking week in the Muslim community, as the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand left the world shattered with heartbreak. On top of that, days later, we then had to endure the pure ignorance of the “comedian” Jess Hilarious, as she had issues identifying the difference between Muslims and Sikh people, neither of which should be profiled and discriminated against. If ANYONE should know that, it’s the black community. The “funny” gyal has since apologized, stating she is still learning, and has donated more than $15,000 to the victims of the recent terrorist attack. This is due to the backlash of her being called out on her bigotry, and her bag being affected, no less. Sincere? Not likely. Am I still rooting for her to make a change for the better? Absolutely. This should be a hard learning opportunity for her, not just an empty apology paired with a small donation. Let’s hope for the best, here.

To bring some positive vibes to the Muslim community during National Women’s Month, we’ve decided to highlight 5 Muslim creatives to keep an eye on, as there's some pretty phenomenal women out there. Let’s start off with the granddaughter of the Black Panther Party's Margaret Block.

1). Alia Sharrief

Born and raised in Oakland, she’s a resilient woman with many faces. A self-motivated entrepreneur, Alia is seriously well rounded in the art and realm of activism. It’s in her blood, as her grandmother was the well-known Black Panther party member, Margaret Block. A rapper and women’s rights activist, she’s known to attend and even speak at protests and organized rallies. Think that’s not impressive enough? Alia even runs The Hijabi Chronicles, which is an online platform that celebrates the creativity of Muslim women. She’s adamant about using her voice at a time where Muslim women rarely get a chance to tell their stories.

Alia’s Instagram: @aliasharrief

The Hijabi Chronicles’ Instagram: @thehijabichronicles

Alia’s Youtube: AliaSharriefTV

The Hijabi Chronicles’ YouTube:

2). Nicole Najmah Abraham aka Najmah53

This beauty is a spoken word artist, writer, speaker, radio personality, event promoter and entrepreneur. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, you can bet she gained a major love for the Hip-Hop culture. This undoubtedly led her to start writing poems and raps at the tender age of 11. After her conversion to Islam in her later years, she began writing more positive verses and spiritually-conscious poetry. This immediately got her invited to colleges to tell her story and share her thought-provoking pieces to the world. Najmah53 has accomplished so much in her life, and I can bet one of her favorite accomplishments so far was sharing the stage with Abiodun Oyewole, who was the legendary founding member of The Last Poets. Owning her own radio show and design business, you’ll want to watch what this amazing woman does next.

Najmah53’s Instagram: @najmah53

Najmah's Website:

Najmah Designs’ Website:

Najmah’s Photography Instagram: @najmdesignsphotos

3). Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Never the one to back down from a fight everyone else is terrified to address, Ilhan Omar is the woman of the hour. Since her first term in Congress, she’s made it a point to discuss the crippling student debt in America, climate change, and the obvious lack of healthcare in the US. She’s a survivor of war and a refugee, and she understands the importance of human rights. Ilhan is apart of some amazing women who are shaping the future, and I couldn’t be prouder to be alive in this day and age to witness her greatness.

Ilhan’s Twitter: @ilhanmn

Ilhan’s Instagram: @IlhanMN

4). Nayyirah Waheed

Keeping your private life private is a must, and Nayyirah has mastered doing just that. While she doesn’t show her face online, her poetry speaks for itself. She’s a twice-published author, her work proves that going against the grain is sometimes the best thing to do. Her craft can be bought on Amazon, and trust us, you won’t want to miss out on her utterly breathtaking notes on her unique experience of being an African-American woman.

Nayyirah’s Instagram: @nayyirah.waheed

Nayyirah’s Twitter: @nayyirahwaheed

Buy her book Salt: Amazon

Buy her book Nejma: Amazon

5). Mona Haydar

Syrian-born rapper and activist, Mona is a force to be reckoned with. She and her husband have created a beautiful movement called, “Ask a Muslim.” The overwhelming amount of support and love that came in after they began this journey, allowed them to continue their efforts to educate those who are uneducated on Muslims. On top of that, her music has made many marks on Billboard charts. This is major, as her lyrics touch on Islamophobia, being American and suicide. She’s brilliant, so be sure to follow her; you can find her social media accounts below.

Mona’s Instagram: @themostmona

Mona’s Youtube: Mona Haydar

Mona’s Facebook: @monahaydar

Bonus Content:

Bobby Rogers created a conversation around being black and Muslim. This project made waves in 2017, even landing a spot in Elle Magazine. Missed out on his craft? Check out his video reel, below.

Bobby Roger's Instagram: @bobbyrogers_


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