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The Miami Book Fair Virtual Experience Awaits!

Every year, thousands meet up for a literary affair at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, but this year has shifted how we all experience the events we love. After 37 years, the Miami Book Fair will reach more people than ever before by going virtual, starting November 15th, 2020!

Making the festivities available to anyone worldwide, this is a chance to virtually sit in on your favorite authors as they do Q&As, host book conversations and so much more!

We loved that this year's lineup was more diverse than ever before, truly making this an event that anyone would enjoy. Check the Vibes had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of authors in attendance, and we weren't disappointed! We're eager to hear these authors chat about their recent creations:

1). Danez Smith: We've wrote an article about Danez before, so to see him at the Miami Book Fair this year in all his virtual glory will be amazing. His latest work of art is called, Homies. Originally, the title he chose was specifically for us, so to make sure folks weren't freely saying something they shouldn't be, the title Homie was born.

Homie poetically starts out with an honorary Presidential nod to those who are just like us, to those who fight for us, and to those who hustle. JUST. LIKE. US.

2). Yanela McLeod: We're currently located in South Florida, so McLeod's book, The Miami Times and The Fight For Equality: Race, Sport, and the Black Press 1948-1958, was a must read. She takes you on a journey of the Civil Rights Movement in Florida by highlighting its role in Rice v. Arnold, a 1949 lawsuit filed by Black recreational golfers in Miami to oppose segregation on the city's public golf course.

Its support of the Rice v. Arnold legal challenge is but one example that demonstrates how the newspaper, as a conduit of social change, worked with other Miami community leaders to improve conditions for the city's Black population.

3). Eddie S. Glaude Jr.: In the story of Baldwin's crucible, Glaude suggests, we can find hope and guidance through our own after times, this Trumpian era of shattered promises and white retrenchment. Mixing biography--drawn partially from newly uncovered interviews--with history, memoir, and trenchant analysis of our current moment, Begin Again is Glaude's endeavor, following Baldwin, to bear witness to the difficult truth of race in America today.

It is at once a searing exploration that lays bare the tangled web of race, trauma, and memory, and a powerful interrogation of what we all must ask of ourselves in order to call forth a new America.

4). Tiffany Jackson: Tiffany is a force to be reckoned with as she addresses a tough conversation of misogynoir, rape culture, and the vulnerability of young black girls. Her New York Times bestseller, Grown, is an essential read for everyone in the #MeToo era. It's not an easy read for those who have lived through a similar trauma, but Tiffany makes sure the conversation is had.

Divided into four parts alternating between Now and Then, Grown is a harrowing story about a young girl who is taken advantage of by her mentor as she tries to navigate the entertainment industry. Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the talented authors who are being celebrated at this year's Miami Book Fair, and you can join in on the fun for free starting November 15th! Last from the 15th through the 22nd, this is an immersive event any book lover will want to be apart of! Want to get in on the fun BEFORE the 15th? You can create your profile right now and get your watchlist ready!

Who are you excited to hear about at the Miami Book Fair this year? Will you be joining us? Let us know!

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