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Winners and Losers of The 60thGrammys

The 60th Grammy Awards aired Sunday night January 28th in what was an entertaining show for the most part. Now we can give you a boring list of who won what awards and what not but who really wants that. Instead we are going to dive in who came out winners and losers of the night based on what occurred. So check out the winners and losers of Grammy Night!

Winners: Kendrick Lamar and Dave Chapelle

Kendrick Lamar opened the Grammys and murdered his performance. Nothing to see here just everyday stuff. But what was cool is how he had Dave Chappelle as a part of his show. During Kendrick's performance, Dave Chappelle performed somewhat of an interlude in between and it was the firs time Ive seen such a thing. All hail the best rapper in the world and the best comic in the world.

Loser: James Corden (host):

Last night I tweeted this:

Quite frankly nothing else needs to be said

Loser: Sting and Shaggy

Is someone willing to explain to me why the Grammys was so intent on this Sting and Shaggy union. Between the cringe worthy skit of Sting, Shaggy and Corden on an NY train, we were subjected to a Shaggy assisted performance of Englishman in New York and I was so confused that I scoured the internet to see if what the thesis for this pairing was. Moral of the story, I still don’t get it.

Loser: Best New Artist category

Seriously how can someone be a best new artist when their LP was released in 2015? *Deadpan to Alessia Cara* .SZA WAS RIGHT THERE GRAMMY BOARD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Winner: The Carter/Knowles Family.


C’mon who are we fooling here?

Loser: “They”

I have the feeling that “They” have apologized to DJ Khaled a long time ago. Yet DJ Khaled took the time at the start of his performance to remind us that THEY said he would never perform at the Grammys. They just wants to move on and live a fruitful life, But DJ Khaled won’t allow it.

Winner: Childish Gambino and that kid who will play Simba. (JD McCrary

This generation’s Jamie Foxx got on stage and did his thing. This dude is uber talented. Then he brought up JD McCrary to the stage who has said will be playing Simba and he kills vocally and who also performed on Awaken My Love as well. We LIKE IT!!

Loser: Dr. Luke and all the other Creeps Out There

Janelle Monae came out and introduced Kesha with a powerful speech about the #TimesUp and #MeToo movement and if you know anything about Janelle Monae its that she aint here to play with yall. Kesha came out and sang her heart out. It was a beautiful moment.

To see Kesha, who I was never into her music, stand there and deliver that vocal performance. Put this in context, she sang in front of people who probably worked with her abuser, or might still do. To deliver that performance and sing as well with her natural voice in that moment as a form of therapy, it was a moment that Im not quite sure we will appreciate for what it was.

Winner: Black Excellence:

Just Because:

Loser: Donald Trump

The Grammys got celebrities to read from Fire and Fury including Hillary Clinton and it was the best way to troll a troll and Im so happy about it.

Winner: Logic

Listen I do not like 1800-273-8255 as a record, but its overall message and what it has accomplished is amazing. Joined by Khalid and Alessia Cara, Logic delivered on his performance and ended on a passionate speech on immigration. Plus Logic is dope so good for him.

Winner: Prodigy, Combat Jack, Peep, and Chester Bennington

Rest in Power Prodigy, Combat Jack, Lil Peep and Chester Bennington. Thank You for your contributions

Loser: SZA. Scratch that, The Grammys board

SZA was nomminated for 5 Grammys and did not win 1. I repeat, not even one. Its crazy, I've never witnessed a real robbery on live tv. One of the most impactful albums in any genre, Ctrl, did not get awarded anything. smh. Either way, SZA looked great at the grammys and had a solid performance.

Winner: Bruno Mars

Many people (including myself lowkey) are not too happy wtih Bruno Mars winning Album of The Year but if we are all honest with ourselves, we should be able to acknowledge that Bruno Mars deserved it just as much as anyone else. Did 24k Magic have as much impact as DAMN or 4:44, maybe not but it wasn't far behind. Lets just say that our issues with the Grammys habit of disregarding the impact of Hip Hop has nothing to do with Bruno Mars.

Plus he had a great Grammy Speech.

Overall the 6oth Grammys were fun to watch. Here's to a great year in music and hoping we have another great year ahead.

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