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Visiting Bangkok? You'll Need These Apps, First.

There's nothing more frustrating than venturing to a new country and not knowing how to get around or what to do first. Researching what's best prior to any trip is mandatory, and having apps already downloaded and ready to go upon arrival is ideal. While we're chillin' in Bangkok for a few weeks, we decided to put you all on game with the best apps to use while abroad.

1). Grab:

This is your savior when it comes to transportation! There's no Uber or Lyft in Thailand, but this app has just what you need. You can order a car, bike, food and groceries! At first, I'll admit that my favorite form of transportation was by car, but after riding on the back of a bike for the first time, I realized it was my new "go-to". I'm still a newbie, though! So, don't expect to see ya girl side-saddling it up anytime soon. I'll leave that badass-ry to my girl Alyssa.

iPhone | Android

2). FoodPanda

I shouldn't even have to explain this one, because food. Amiright!? For those who need a little more reason beside snackage (weird flex, but okay...) this is the perfect app if you're not too thrilled about your hotel's food. Being in Bangkok, eating all the street food is a must, but sometimes after a long flight, you just want to relax a bit. FoodPanda will deliver that street food in no time! Plus, it's crazy affordable to live your best snack life, here. This place is a food paradise, so enjoy it!

iPhone | Android

3). LINE

Communication is the Mecca of all Bae's, and LINE helps you out with that while you're overseas. It's basically the WhatsApp of Thailand. It's the way almost EVERYONE in Thailand communicate, so if you meet someone amazing and need to exchange information, this will be your best bet.

iPhone | Android

4). XE Currency Exchange

Needing to calculate real time currency conversions or exchange rates? This free app does it all! On top of that, you can even send money with no transfer fees. Having an app like this easily accessible while overseas is mandatory. Be smart, download it.

iPhone | Android

5). Google Translate

If you end up in a location that has nothing but Central Thai on all the signs, don't panic. Just open the Google Translate app, tap the "Camera" button and point it at the sign. It's instant camera translation feature will save you from feeling completely lost! The conversation mode is a life-saver as well.

iPhone | Android

6). Bangkok MRT

This is the official app from Bangkok Metro, better known as MRT. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to get around besides a bike is by train. This app shows you fare, average traveling time, schedules, stations and more.

iPhone | Android

7). Thai by Nemo

Duolingo seems to upload every language except Thai, which is odd. Hell, they have High Valyrian for crying out loud. Luckily, Thai by Nemo saves the day. Not only is it free, but it helps with learning basic phrases, words, and questions. It's sure to make your stay in Bangkok a little easier for all parties. Besides, if you're visiting another country, put in a little effort to speak simple phrases. It's the effort that counts and is highly appreciated.

iPhone | Android

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