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Tracee Ellis Ross came through for us 3b-4c Girls

This September, Tracee wanted to remind us that every curl has a story. Our crowns are a huge part of who we are, and Tracee's has always shined big, bright and beautifully! She's now the CEO of her own hair care line, PATTERN! Her fro has been one of my favorite set of curls for years now, so I know she takes her natural hair care serious. With PATTERN, she vows to nourish your hair with affordable and effective products & cherish your health with safe ingredients, which is a huge deal when it comes to the products we use on our crowns!

Every curl has a story.

If you've been in the natural hair game for a while, you know that its got its ups and downs. We've had to nurse our curls back to health, figure out what works best for us, try and fail at hairstyles over and over again, and don't even get me started on the stress of working your way up to the big chop. It's rough out here, but we've all been there, even Tracee. The campaign she's built is just as inspiring as the product, too. With beautiful Black little girls gazing proudly at themselves in the mirror, to the highlight of our community and the multiple skin tones we have within it, everything about PATTERN looks to be something special.

She states that PATTERN is the result of twenty years of dreaming and ten years in the making, as she wrote her first brand pitch in 2008, right when Girlfriends finished. These products are here to empower and nourish curly, coily and tight-textured hair. Tracee say that this is for those of us who need more than a quarter size of product (FINALLY someone listened to us). It has large conditioner sizes that actually fulfill the unmet needs of our community, because we all know the conditioner runs out long before our shampoo does. Plus, it has accessible pricing because Tracee believes everyone should have access to their most beautiful hair in their own shower. Oh, and that stunning packaging you see? It's meant to conjure the legacy of our history and makes us all feel like the royalty that we are. For me, I think her plan was to encourage and inspire us way beyond hair care, and it's definitely working.

The yellow reminds us of OSHUN. We see you, Ms. Ross. We SEE you.

Buy her products HERE.

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