There should never be a time

The worse one in this country's mind was 59

Now we say the worst but in a church this time

for when people ask where, when and how many was it this time.

It was 27, including the guy.

No one has to ask because yeah, it was with an AR of some kind.

Most of the shooters had them in mind after what happened to them at some time.

Except for that "one time," one of the other worst times when it was a Hispanic guy.

When the shooting "only" took five lives.

He took flight 1088 and added his 9.

Every year there hundreds of worst times.

Cause even one life lost can make a whole family cry.

We want to do something but other people keep standing in the way.

No one every says we'll take ya guns away, but it looks like a bunch of criminals have something to say.

Those are the only people's guns we do take.

But when we say legislate Republicans in Congress want to retaliate.

So it's time we throw their capitulation back in their face.

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Mitch!

I understand that people kill people, guns don't kill people on their own. But when certain people have access to guns kill they end up killing people and have been doing so quite often. There have been 307 shootings this year and two of the worst have come within one month of each other. The shootings in Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas and Newton, IN WHICH CHILDREN WERE KILLED, all included an assault rifle. And you are also for rescinding former President Obama's rule on individuals with certain mental health conditions having access to guns.

So to confirm you are not going to support a ban on assault weapons or any kind of measure to reduce the number of mass shootings in your own country, correct?

They'll support meaningful legislation? Tell us, we're waiting in anticipation. Bump stocks ok. What else? They weren't needed most of the times.

It was for only one of the worse times, when it was 59.

Bump stocks were absent when it was 20 children in their school that died.