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The Hero We All Deserve: 5 Lessons Learned From Lawrence of Insecure

In anticipation of Season 2 of Insecure that premieres tonight, I thought it would be a good time to recount all the lessons learned from one of the most important characters of the show, (one of the most important characters of our generation to be honest) Lawrence Walker.

I can start by establishing that I have been #TeamLawrence from the beginning, but that is pretty clear from the title of this post. So before we begin, here is a quick recap of the plot line of Insecure for those who were on a trip to the moon and may have missed the first season.

Insecure is created by Issa Rae who plays a fictitious version of herself which I'm sure parallels several real life traits. The show chronicles experiences of a semi awkward black girl and her experiences with her friends, her past loves, her current relationships, and simply being a black woman in America. Enter Lawrence Walker played by Jay Ellis who is Issa's boyfriend. Lawrence and Issa's relationship is stifled, and due to his lack of employment and other factors, they grow further and further apart as the first season progresses.

I find it necessary to say SPOILER ALERT at this moment. If you haven't seen the first season, watch it now before proceeding.

As Issa and Lawrence recommit to each other to do better, Issa comes across the one that got away, Daniel King played by Y'lan Noel. Eventually she steps out of her relationship and that secret haunts her until Lawrence confronts her and finds out. This leads me to the purpose of this post. The reason why Lawrence has become a cult hero among black men (or men in general) is because of how he handles this is situation. Without further ado, 5 Lessons learned from Lawrence Walker in Season 1 of Insecure.

1. Even Through Hard Times: Never Doubt Yourself

At the start of the season, Lawrence is jobless, hopeless, down in the dumps. He mopes around he and Issa's apartment. He forgets Issa's birthday, she is upset at him. Through all of this, Lawrence holds faith that he will get back on his feet. He is faced with the prospect of taking a lower paying job which he is not thrilled about. Through it all, he focuses on his field, and although frustration sets in, he never gives off the impression that he will languish in this state forever. We as people will go through hard times. The ones closest to us will doubt us and will look for an exit plan *cough Issa cough* . You must however remain in your own convictions. If you are not there for you then who will be.

2. Stick to Your Ground and Instincts, It will work out in your Favor.

As Lawrence and Issa works on their relationship, Lawrence reluctantly takes on a position at Best Buy which he is completely overqualified for. He is disappointed but he never loses sight of the ultimate goal. He sticks to his career plans, keeps looking for the ideal employment opportunity while setting the plan to start his own company. He could have absolutely caved in and stuck to doing what he can to pay the bills, but he saw further then that. When the opportunity of a job interview showed itself, he was prepared and ready, so much so that he was given much more then he initially expected. Lawrence dealt with his reality but never kept his eyes away from the future. He never gave up on his aspirations although he had the incentive to. Be like Lawrence.

3. Confront Your Fears Head On.

One of the best lessons learned is how Lawrence approached seeing clues that Issa may have cheated on him. After Issa steps out on the angel that is Lawrence Walker, she wrestles with her guilt for doing wrong to a man like him. She recommits to him, but Daniel (the man she cheats with) is looking for closure. Fast forward to an event in which Issa puts on for her job. Newly employed Lawrence is present, Issa and all her friends is present, and Daniel unexpectedly makes an appearance. Issa starts to freak out, and Lawrence notices the differences. Lawrence then runs into Daniel, who makes a cryptic statement.

Lawrence being as observant as he is, confronts Issa immediately when she gets home. Here lies the lesson, don't waste your time when the clues are clear. Attack your fears head on. Allowing your fear to linger without confrontation only leaves you in perpetual hesitation and struggle. You think your boss wants to fire you, ask them where you stand. You think your mate is stepping out, ask them flat out. You believe that friends are bad mouthing you? Ask them. Give them an opportunity to set the record straight. Once again, thank you Lawrence for showing us how to be a stand up guy.

4. Golden Rule: During Possible Confrontation with the Opposite Sex, leave as fast as possible.

This is possibly the one of the most important lessons you can learn as a man. When emotions get high when speaking to the opposite sex and you feel you are losing control, leave ASAP. After Lawrence confronts Issa, she admits to her infidelity and he obviously does not know how to deal with it. After a quick shouting match, he gets up and heads towards the door. Here is another point to pay attention too, often when you attempt to leave, your mate will attempt to get in your way as Issa did. Its important that no matter the circumstance, if you feel yourself getting more upset, walk away. Possible escalation is not worth it.

5. Don't Be Too Hasty, Go through Your Options.

As Lawrence contemplates his future with Issa, his friends attempt to help him get his mind off of things by taking him to a gentleman's club. Lawrence is still in heartbreak mode from the separation, he is still trying to figure it out, but he is never hasty about whats in front of him. He could have rushed to sleep with the stripper in the club, he could have made the mistake of prematurely reconciling with Issa which would have been a completely emotional decision, but he took his time. He ended up with Tasha, a women who "threw it at him" when he was still employed with Best Buy. This lesson is simple, take your time, go through your options and make the best decision whether for temporary gratification or permanent resolution. Tom Brady could never dream of going through his progressions like Lawrence did. An example of sheer brilliance. Any worthwhile option will not disappear so quickly. Learn from Lawrence and go through those options.

Season 2 begins tonight and I for one will be glued in to learn more lessons from the beacon of light that is Lawrence Walker. Here's to hoping that you do the same. Check out Insecure on HBO tonight at 10:30 PM. Check out the trailer for Season 2 below.


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