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  • Writer's picturePhilippe Henold Buteau

The Greatest?

How disrespectful.

Because labels leave little or a lot to be expected.

Greater from great. Back to great again from great.

But when did you achieve that greatness when you've had big problems in all 50 states?

And the commonwealth and the islands, let's never forget this.

The U.S. has enough money to buy all our sons and a military to bomb all our sisters. But what is it doing with 'em when "you forgot about us" rings out from Texas to Michigan.

So for this country to be the greatest, every person with a label would have to be remembered.

All? There they all are.

The greatest have come from the bottom to the top. But the U.S. is still focused on people on top.

Hollywood and the news business are supposed to get attention. When the sins of men get an expose and the anchor assaulter gets hurried away, it'll of course get all sorts of attention.

What should unite the left and the right is how much we remember where we came from. The people that we always forget are the ones that did the most work, to this day and starting back where we came from.

When this Congress moved after women said "me too" it was to fix themselves. And for all the people who at least thought "me too"? Well maybe the market will help them.

The same people the market needs and uses. The same people the captains have said yield, let him through miss.


The office or nurses's assistant. The waitresses. Women who work in or walk by construction.

We're supposed to react in kind when women say that they could use our help gentlemen.

So if this country is the greatest there's a lot to be expected.


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