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The Delicate Fox

At Check the Vibes, we love to highlight the beauty in the black community, and that will always include black-owned businesses!

Kaelin Sharee, the owner & operator of The Delicate Fox, started this skincare company with the intention of changing the way we all think of skin care. By manifesting her ideas, she made them a reality in the best way possible. Her mission was to create a herbal and holistic brand that was affordable, and she succeeded beyond compare. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they're all handcrafted by her and made "by the order". Fresh, good products that get the job done! I had the pleasure of trying out a few items, and she's certainly gained a new fan.

First up, I tried her body butter called Sunset Lake: It's an antioxidant-rich butter that mimics the nourishing properties of honey, allowing your skin and hair to capture the beauty of a radiant sunset. The first thing I noticed was her packaging. Kaelin recently took some time to re-brand The Delicate Fox, and the outcome of her vision is clean and warm. You can tell she focused on the simplicity of marketing. Upon opening the jar, I was immediately in love. The scent of Sunset Lake is honey, lemon & sage, and with that kind of combination, you can't go wrong. The sweet scent of honey sits lightly on your skin, while the lemon and sage provide a calming aroma. This butter was whipped to perfection, and it glided onto my skin with ease. I literally had people coming up to me to smell me and ask what I was wearing! It's a soft, yet powerful scent, which is to be expected with all of her products.

This has a few awesome key ingredients like:

- Organic Rose: At the heart of this formula is our handmade organic rose infused oil. The infusion encourages softness and an even skin tone. 

- Rosehip Seed Oil: An emollient plant oil with similar properties to our organic rose infused oil; and it promotes clear, smooth skin.

- Cactus Seed Oil: Helps retain moisture, creating a long-lasting glow. 

For the ones hoping to maintain refreshed, dewy-looking skin, and/or juicy curls, this is the product for you. (Yes, this was godly to my hair as well!)

Second up, I tried her candle, The Raven: If you know me, you know I LOVE candles. I can be out shopping for something simple, but if I come across a candle in store that I love, I'll always purchase it. There's stacks of candles here, and no, I'm not ashamed. So, need me to review your black-owned candle company? I can guarantee you I'm your girl. The Raven smelled of heaven as soon as I opened it. It's made with the combination of Lavender + Sage, and I was surprised how well they both paired together. Lavender seems to always overpower another scent when combined, but somehow, Kaelin was able to make both fragrances equal. TDF states it's, "A blend of airy essential oils to manifest characteristics of the raven: clarity, healing, and wisdom." With a 40-hour burn time, this is the perfect, holistic and long lasting candle for your home.

This shop offers so much more than butters and candles, as she made sure to cover an array of everyday items. From mist to face oils, you'll become a devoted customer of The Delicate Fox in no time. Check her social media pages out below and be sure to support this Queen. The black dollar matters.

Need help figuring out which body butter is best for you? The Delicate Fox has a quiz that tells you your perfect body butter style type: Take the Quiz Here


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