Taco Beach Shack in Hollywood, FL

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

I have lived in this beautiful city for more than eight years. There is ALWAYS something new to discover. Whether it's about music, culture, food or travel, Miami will always steer you in the right direction. Recently, some friends and I were out and about in Hollywood Beach, because no matter what, the beach will always be bae. You couldn't imagine how hungry I was, but, man, we sure were in the right place! That's where it all started. Taco Beach Shack. Home of damn good Strawberry Daiquiri's and heaven sent tacos. I looked over at Toya and asked, "Wanna give it a shot?". BEST DECISION EVER.

We strolled on up the stairs and waited to be seated. The hostess was super polite and I immediately loved the setup of the place. It's all outside, so be sure to go on a nice, cool day. This particular day was nice and breezy, so it was too perfect to pass up. As we sat down, I fell in love immediately. If there's one thing you need to know about me is, I LOVE a good deal and this place is packed with them. My eyes went right to their taco meal deal.

You can get three tacos with your choice of shell and meat, corn on the cob from God's very own garden, rice harvested in Ancient China and black beans that will be sure to make your toes curl. You got me, Taco Beach Shack, you got me. I am a cheese LOVER, so of course I got a side of queso because why the hell not?

Boy, oh boy, when the plate got to the table...well. Take a look for yourself:

See what I mean? Not only was the food made for "The Gods", but the atmosphere was just perfect for a nice, breezy afternoon.

Located at:

Taco Beach Shack

334 Arizona St

Hollywood, FL


Their Happy Hour, good deals on food, outside seating and daily live music is sure to make your lunch, a lunch to remember.