Surviving III Points: The Guide to a Good Time

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Your survival guide to the III Points Festival 2019

The III Points Festival is less than a few days away and it’s hard to not be excited with acts like Tyler, The Creator, SZA, and The Internet gracing the stage in Wynwood. It all kicks off on February 15th and runs through the 17th. With upwards of 50+ artists performing, it’s very important to pace yourself. Don't be the guy who misses the show's amazing acts because you're not prepared. Allow this to be your Bible for this festival and any festival to come.

1. Set an Itinerary and Plan Your Days:

Imagine this scenario: After pre-gaming and doing all the things that “get your mind right”, you start your journey, only to realize you have no idea where to be. No idea who’s performing where, and you barely know where you’re going. Getting lit was a good idea but now you’re lit, late and drunk. Your girl wants to see SZA, your “real Hip Hop” white friend wants to see Raekwon & Ghostface Killah, and neither of you know where to go. Now you're getting cussed out by your girl who's mad at you because this was supposed to be the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Plus, your homie is mad because he can’t brag about seeing the Purple Tape live. You’re now sober and miserable which is just slightly worse than turnt up and miserable (which you were 30 mins ago). Don’t be this person. There are tools to help you out of that, starting with the III Points festival app on Apple & Android.

It has resources that'll help you map out your day, including set times for each artist. Plan out your days and get lit around those desired time-frames. I’ve just saved your relationship. You’re welcome.

Badu telling you to NOT be that guy who doesn't plan ahead.

2. Stay Hydrated

There’s going to be thousands of people braving the Miami vibes in Wynwood. Staying hydrated is essential to maximizing your time and fun. Not only that, staying hydrated allows you to enjoy all your vices (no judgement zone). No one wants to be around or see the person who didn't drink or eat and now must be carried out the venue for passing out or just being an overall ass. Be responsible, be an adult, and practice self care. You'll also want to dress comfy. Yes, you want to drip, be fly, and look good. We all want to look good but.. you. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. No matter what you're wearing. Dress comfy and your body will thank you. Be fly, be creative, and still be practical.

3. Enjoy Your Surroundings

Many of you will be coming from out of town, so it'll be your first time experiencing Miami, especially Wynwood in its apex. Even us locals sometimes get jaded to the point where we don’t appreciate what’s around us. You're going to be surrounded by all types of walks of life, cultures, and beautiful scenery. Enjoy what you see and be open to meeting new people. Respect everyone's culture and race. This is, after all, a human experience and music is here to create a bond among all of us. Keep in mind these are just some of the few things that you will come across.

There's so much to see and this will be part of the journey. Don’t deprive yourself of that!

4. Yoga & Meditation

Sounds a little odd to add this into the article, right? That’s because we’re thinking outside of the box, here. Think about it. You’ll be walking, running, jumping, twerking and raving for HOURS upon hours. You’ll want to get some good stretches in the day before you go. Clear your mind. Relax the body and prep it for the bad-ass weekend you’re about to experience, thanks to III Points.

5. Ear Plugs

You may think this doesn’t make sense, but we promise it does! In between takes of the performances you’re there to see, WEAR THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF YOUR EAR PLUGS. Festivals are loud and the crowd is even louder. Come Monday morning, what will you say to your boss when you can’t hear her bitch you out about not paying attention? Protect ya neck. Wait.. wrong song. Protect your EARS, ya’ll. You’ll need them to enjoy the lituation this weekend.

6. Extra Phone Battery / Charging Station

Picture this: AckDaddy’s DJ set on the Mind Melt stage was FIRE and had the crowd going WILD on Friday night, so you decide to live stream the set to make all your Facebook friends peanut butter and jealous. You’re hype as hell, as the night is already starting off to a dope start. Up next is Channel Tres and you’re a FAN fan of his music. He hits the stage and does this number:

Channel Tres opening for Zhu at III Points event at Art Basel 2018

You take out your phone to record his dance moves to the beat of Controller, but you’re on 7% already because your phone is from the ice age. Your battery sucks and you weren’t the brightest star that night, as you didn’t bring a back up battery or charging station. You not only can’t record the festivities but you’re also not able to order your Uber at the end of the night. Again, don’t be that guy. Come prepared, because this weekend WILL be a weekend to remember, so you’ll want to document as much as you can.

Last but not least, drumroll please

7. Don’t Start No Shit

WON’T BE NO SHIT. You know how the song goes. Keep the peace, man. This event is all about bringing the community together with music and music lovers alike. Respect each other and enjoy the environment around you. We’re all here to have a good time, so let your ego GO. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the music and be HAPPY to meet new people.

In the wise words of The XX in regards to III Points, “Festivals like this are so important because it’s a beautiful thing to all be together…”

So, let’s enjoy each other’s company while we all vibe on the same frequency of the artists on stage.

Regretting not buying your tickets yet? C'mon, man. Get on it! Purchase your golden ticket NOW.

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