Still hundreds of days to go because the regime just started

For every undocumented immigrant

For everyone pursuing a college degree

For every fist up for Black Lives Matter

For everyone who cares about the environment

For the people who say trans lives matter too

For every woman

And for everyone who knows what solidarity means

The resistance is strong. We are concerned but fight on. Our history cheers us on, our future hurries us along. We looked to the future, and we won!

So as the Trumpets get played, neither us nor them are counting the days,

At least four years until we can vote for him to go away? Those are rules so that’s ok.

Ask when can we say he’s all gone? “Just wait!” they say.

It’s almost like it’s been been a blur, from inauguration to today.

Please, on to the next. The quicker the better.

Their fascist they’ll remember, his picture will be on their wall forever.

So on to 2020, we vote on the third of November.

Til’ then these words we must remember.

Even if they elect your oppressor: When they go low we go high.