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Quarter Pounders and 6 Pc Nuggets aren't fine cuisine? Don't tell Donald Trump.

President Trump invited the College Football National Champion Clemson Tigers over to the White House, and hilarity ensued when he decided to serve them fast food.

As the shutdown of the federal government resumes in the middle of it's third week, federal employees are really feeling the effects. Airport terminals across the country has seen unrelenting long lines, as TSA agents have called out due to no pay. Many more employees and lines of business are struggling to cover their expenses, as "President" Trump clashes with the Democratic party over funding for the mythical U.S./Mexico border wall. On Monday, the Clemson Tigers, got to see the effects of the government shutdown first hand.

There's a tradition of inviting championship teams to the White House for a celebration. In recent years, under the polarizing "Presidency" of Donald Trump, these events have made news due to players refusing to go to the White House. When Clemson showed up Monday, it made news for a completely different reason. Trump, who is one of the richest men in the country, laid out a candlelit dinner of the best American food that there is to offer...……. fast food. Yes, not just any run of the mill mom and pop fast food, but the best of the best. Wendy's burgers, McDonald's Filet-O-Fish, Quarter Pounders, Chicken Nuggets and Fries. The food was neatly displayed with silver trays and serving platters, as the players and staff were brought in to enjoy the best "fine cuisine" they will ever come across.

Trump stated himself that a lot of this was due to the HIS government shut down, which is reasonable given that it would be impossible for a multi-billionaire to arrange for some food to be catered. (I mean seriously?) Being that Trump is an incredible showman, it's very possible that he staged this for dramatic effect. Either way, this did not stop social media from having a field day. Check out some of the tweets below:

As hilarious and dumbfounding as all of this is, it's pretty on brand. In the midst of all this, we can't allow ourselves to forget that there are federal employees genuinely struggling during this time. As we sit here and revel in the ridiculousness that has become the Trump brand, there are heroes out there feeding federal employees for free throughout the country. Take Chef Creole for example, who has decided to feed TSA agents free dinner.

Tip your hats to the heroes that don't wear capes.


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