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Put You On: Summer Walker

Before her soon-to-be-released project, meet a new interesting voice in R&B who is taking a traditional approach to building her buzz.

Summer Walker performing live (via Instagram)

Summer Walker is managed by Summer P Walker, the executive mainly known to most as DJ Drama’s ex-wife. Sure, it's unfair for Summer P Walker to be identified by most as DJ Drama’s ex-wife, but as an executive who's worked hard in the industry and has worked with LVRN Records (the Atlanta-based record label boasting such talents as 6lack and D.R.A.M.), I have a strong feeling discovering an artist that shares her name will eventually change that.

One of the quirky facts about the singer, songwriter who is inked to Interscope via LVRN, is that despite her peculiar presence in the industry, a lot of people still don't know about her. In advance of her new project, (set to drop on 10/19) she has built a solid following through a traditional approach to releasing her music. It's quite interesting that she does not have a singular project under her belt, something that is unheard of for a new artist in the streaming era. She has released three singles - CPR, Deep, and Girls Need Love Too - all within months of each other and built buzz for these singles organically.

Joe Budden gave her the ultimate cosign through the Joe Budden Podcast sleeper segment, where he played both CPR and Deeper different weeks. CPR, a base heavy ballad with Summer crooning throughout with airy and beautiful vocals should pick your interest immediately. It’s a groove and does not sound like anything that’s out right now. Deep on the other hand, sounds more like the contemporary R&B that’s out today. Unlike the rest of the music that’s out though, the lyrics are genuinely vulnerable.

The song refers to that moment where two friends may have crossed that physical line with each other and it's way too difficult to go back. Her vocals are entrancing. It's her best piece of work thus far and is blissfully short. The kind of short that makes you upset that there is not another two minutes to live with. Girls Need Love is a smooth record about lust and yearning that women are sometimes shamed about speaking up about. 

The girl is talented, and she is not mentioned nearly as much to my liking quite honestly.

We were lucky enough to see Summer Walker perform amongst, Ella Mai, H.E.R. and Xavier Omar last month in Wynwood, Miami during the Best Life Music Festival and the girl is the real deal. If you’re not on to her yet, check out her music ASAP. We may be looking at the breakout artist of 2019.

Make sure to check her out on tour with 6lack. You can check out the dates below.

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