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Put You On: SG Lewis-Shivers

As a music fan, you know when you have those random moments and random places where you hear a piece of music and you spend the next 30 minutes trying to figure out who it can be and what could it be. I have one of these moments with SG Lewis. Randomly watching the show Ballers on HBO, what I later knew to be Warm by SG Lewis played at the tail end of an episode. Ballers which stars Dwayne Johnson about a former football player who now heads his own financial company to help players manage their funds is the last place I thought id hear this. I looked for the song immediately, loved it, landed on this ep and have been a fan since.

SG Lewis is a producer from Liverpool England. His music is labeled Electronic, but there is obviously a huge soul fusion into his sound. Alot of the vocalist on this EP, have smooth soulful voices.

SG Lewis has captured the attention of Pharell Williams and Justin Timberlake and the outlook is promising. Since Shivers (Released in 2015), he has dropped another EP titled Yours in August 2016. Shivers, however, is a good place to start.

Check out the songs from Shivers below.


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