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Put You On: Respect Our Names 2-Concert

On Saturday, April 22nd, I was fortunate enough to attend the Respect Our Names Concert 2nd edition put together by Kiddo Marv and Mirror Monk; 2 up and coming Miami artist that is establishing a great buzz in this city. It was a site to see in Lil Haiti. These two young MCs put together their own show independently for the second time (First one was done this past July). No help, no major cosign, and no sponsorship. Just dope rhymes and good music.

Check out some footage from the show below:

They also brought a lot of the city out. Not only did they bring other up and coming artist and collaborators on, they also brought city legends out like Billy Blue and Iceberg. Check footage of Ice Berg performance below:

So, keep an eye out on these guys and get familiar. They are working and Miami can continue to see a burgeoning scene with all the acts that are stepping on the scene.

Check out some of their work:

Kiddo Marv's Soundcloud:

Mirror Monk's Soundcloud:

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