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We need more Black people in the Black hair care industry. Let's face it, we've all noticed how almost every Black Beauty Supply store is owned by Koreans. If you're wondering how this happened in the first place, allow us to quickly break it down for you. In the 60s, wigs made from South Korean hair were extremely popular, especially among Black consumers, so that was the market they wanted to focus in on. Around that time, the South Korean government banned the export of hair, making it difficult for anyone other than Koreans to make wigs. Then, the U.S. government banned wigs made from Chinese hair. This gave Koreans full control over the entire wig industry, and the wig business evolved into the more general Black hair care business. Which, South Koreans currently control 60 to 80%. That means that there are over 9,000 Korean-owned Black beauty supply stores serving a billion dollar market for Black hair and Black hair care.

That's why Black-owned beauty supply start-ups mean so much to me. Kinde is a quarterly subscription service for every kind of natural to receive care, knowledge, and empowerment. They are here to revolutionize the culture of Black hair and create a space that allows us celebrate our kinks, curls, and coils. They hope to challenge this industry by informing our community and making natural hair easier to navigate!

How it works:

01: Take the quiz and we'll analyze the details of your hair to match you with one of our unique subscriptions.
02: Every three months we'll send you a new personalized natural hair regimen with products tailored to your texture, porosity, seasonal needs, and more.
03: Track your journey. Every kit comes with a quarterly planner to help you reach your goals and keep track of your progress.a Look

They also include:

But, the best thing about Kinde is that we expose you to a community of subscribers that are just like you when it comes to your hair lifestyle. You'll be able to teach, learn, and heal with people who really understand you. It all starts with you answering a few questions that helps us understand the best way to take care of your hair. Our subscription consist of several different sub-subscriptions that we call "Editions". Each one represents a different group of subscribers based on their common needs. We consider everything from porosity to curl pattern, to environment in order to determine which of our editions best meets our customer's needs.

The Scenario:

Sheryl and her friends, Jaz and Amber can't wait to subscribe to Kinde. They each take the quiz and get their results. They are excited, but surprised to see that their subscriptions are different from each others.

Sheryl has 4c, low porosity hair. She also lives in a humid environment. Her subscription includes articles, products, content creators, and other goods that are relevant to her curl/porosity type. Like her, many subscribers in her edition indicate that they experience shedding and knots. Her subscription will include items for this as well.

Jaz also has 4c, low porosity hair, but mostly she wears box braids and other long term protective styles. She needs different tools and products to maintain her hair and styles. So, she'll be subscribed to a different edition.

Amber has no clue what her hair type is. She just went natural and a lot of her hair is still relaxed. Right now, she needs an edition that's for transitioning hair. However, later when she discovers her hair is high porosity 3c/4a, she'll be able to switch to a subscription that fits her.

Sounds like the perfect subscription box for the curly haired community, right?! Here's where you come in. This subscription service plans to launch in January 2020, but they need your help! Major companies have corporations backing them, but for small business owners, they depend on us, the community. By helping Kinde, you will be helping with:

  • Supply our subscriptions with only clean beauty. There are a lot of products in the black hair industry, but it is estimated that around 75% of them are toxic. I want to access smaller brands, who provide quality, clean hair care, but also may need to charge a bit more for their wholesale.

  • Build a team of like-minded individuals. Community is the most important aspect of Kinde. We'd like to be able to pay photographers, writers, and others with expert opinions.

Why should you subscribe? Because no matter how our natural hair looks, acts, or how we choose to wear it, it deserves to be cared for with the same love and ease the hair industry has been giving other textures.

We're here to help empower Black women through their natural hair journey by providing all the right tools needed to care for their every kink, curl, and coil.

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