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Drake-God's Plan video is a love letter to Miami and humanity in general

Drake gives back to Dade County

Funny thing about God's Plan is I did not love it when I first heard it, but watching this video brings the song to a new realm for me. The light and cheerful sounds go with the concept of the video and Drake definitely gives us the good vibes we are looking for in 2018.

Drake kicks off the video showing the budget for it all of which was given away. What follows is him roaming through Miami giving back to its residents. Whether its a car, a shopping spree to several women, a car to several students, free groceries to local grocery shoppers, money to a single mother, a scholarship to the University of Miami to a student, and toys to kids. It's incredible and a great look for a city that has had a great deal of influence in Drake's career.

Thank you for the love Drake, Dade County appreciates it.

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