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Distinguished Choreographer Ken Easterly showcases the Movement for Change

It all started at eleven years old. Ken’s passion for dance started in Knoxville, TN at Vine Middle Magnet Performing Arts Dance Company. We’re beyond grateful that there was another high school that allowed youth to flourish in the arts! Austin East High School is where Ken Easterly expanded his training from Hip-Hop, as he began working with dance styles such as jazz, tap dance, modern and even ballet. Both of these schools were nestled in the heart of East Knoxville, which allowed him to see the divide within the city.

There was always a fight for justice, peace and equality, and students of both schools witnessed it first-hand. Feeling compelled to create something meaningful in the best way he knew how, the Movement for Change was born. He took his life-long journey, his gumption and vision and went to work. Reaching out to Edy Recendez, Ken and Edy’s team set their intentions on their road to creation. Wanting to push the needle on the conversations felt around the world during the largest Civil Rights Era EVER, the focus on justice, peace and equality is important, but can it transcend the boundaries of racism, inequality and hate?

Photography from Edy Recendez

Ken dreamt and believed it could, and he was right! Our culture is POWERFUL, and it’s weaved into the fabric of this nation. Bringing this vision full circle, Ken sat down with his, “Mother-in-Dance,” Malaika Guthrie to talk about the importance of dance within the Black community. She helped him find his passion for dance years ago, as well as helped shape and mold him in to the creator he is today. What’s more, he had dancers from his old stomping grounds, Austin-East Magnet Performing Arts & Science High School join him on his journey of visually liberating others.

Movement for Change is for all of us, no matter who you are.

It’s for the community.

It’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than us.

This is art.

This is for the world.

This is for YOU.

Will you stand for change? Vote for this Black creative and help spread the Movement for Change's message.

To Vote for the Movement for Change, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click this link, HERE

  2. Vote

  3. Check your email to VERIFY your vote for change

There was a collective effort in making this, and it's a collective effort in spreading the word.


Directed by: Edy Recendez

Produced by: Ken Easterly 

Produced by: Malaika Guthrie

Director of Photography: Adam Chapman

Camera Operator: Rafael Araica

Photographer: Ross Bustin

Camera Operator: Justin Cipriani

Audio Mixer: Joseph Fioravanti

BTS photos: Brenda Guerrero

Composer: William Wright

Ballet Dancer: Morgan Johnson

Hip-Hop dancer: Ken Easterly

Drummers: Keshawn Mitchum and Corey Hodge

Dancers: Maria Holt, Destini Moody, Jahkia Smith, Alexus Rice, Camiah Wilson, Trinity Mattress, Joy Griffin, and Kariah Cook

Special thanks to: Derek Trimble and Robin Kimbrough Hayes


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