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Chabin-Lakay Mwen (Video)

Haiti isn't in the news; it's in our music and the views

You may not be familiar with Chabin The Golden Child, or Haitian music in general and that's okay, but what better way to start than to check out Lakay Mwen? 

The visuals are beautiful and a stunning representation of what it's like to grow up in Haiti. In just under four minutes, Chabin captures the beauty of the people, the landscape, and the overall spirit of joy that you can only know from visiting or living in Haiti. 

It's not all about the video, though. The song is lighthearted and fun as well. It's bound to get you on your feet and the message is inspiring. Chabin reminds us that it doesn't matter what you look like, because once you're in Haiti, it will always be part of you.

Check at the video below and the beautiful still images of some of the scenery. Make sure to also check out Chabin and everything else he has cooking.


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