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Black Girl Magic: Worldwide Music Edition

Photography by Pierre Jean-Louis

I've gathered a list of Black Girl Magic from around the world. Some you might know and some may be new to you. Whatever the genre, these ladies have you covered.

1). Kelela - This woman is dope as hell. She has a look that could kill and a vibe that's mellow yet electric. Check out her song Blue Light below.

2). Raven Lenae - My body was NOT ready for this one right here. I can't even narrow her vibe down to just one genre because she is all over the place AND I'M HERE FOR IT. Considering my music range is everywhere, she's right up my alley. Peep her bop Free Room, below.

3). Akua Naru - If you're looking for a storyteller, Akua is the gem you were looking for. A mixture of jazz and hip hop, she can grab your attention from beginning to end. Her tune My Mother's Daughter is below.

4). Syd - Ok, so Syd is no stranger to the music game, and you may know her from the group "The Internet" (which is equally fucking fantastic). I'm still not over her album Fin. Peep her music video for All About Me, below.

5). Joyce Wrice - Ya'll. Let's talk about this one. I first discovered her sultry voice on one of my favorite Youtube channels, Colors. She had me shooketh with her ol' skool R&B sound. Check her out below performing her song Good Morning.

6). Maliibu Miitch - She's probably one of my favorite female rappers to come out in the last few years. She's got IT. This fly beauty from the Bronx released Hood Foreign back in 2013 and has been climbing the rank ever since. Her most recent work is absolutely phenomenal, as she lays her rhymes over classic joints we all used to vibe to back in the day. From Crush on You, Doo Wop, Who's that Girl, Gotta Get You Home With Me and much more, Maliibu Miitch will easily become your new fav in no time. Checkout her spin of Doo Wop, below.

7). CupcaKKe - I don't even know what to say about this one right here. Shorty got BARZ, do you hear me? She goes hard! Don't believe me? Just check out her badass bodying the beat on Scraps, below.

8). KING - I first heard them when I was browsing through NPR's Youtube channel. Now, I love NPR because they Put You On to the hottest groups, I swear. They began to harmonize and I immediately fell in love. Let them give you life as they perform Supernatural, below.

9). NAO - I have a thing for soul music. Anything with a sultry vibe, I fall in love, quick. NAO's voice is angelic and her visuals are electrifying. Check out her music video for Girlfriend, below.

10). Saskya Sky - Born and raised in Haiti, she makes music that's fun, youthful and filled with that Caribbean vibe that I'm addicted to. Check on her music video for Hold On and fall in love with her voice.

11). Vagabon - She gives us a taste of Indie, Rock and Folk all in one. Her album is fucking AMAZING. Check out the first song I heard from her that had me hooked. Music video for The Embers, below.

12). Be Only You - This all black girl group is so street yet so smooth! You can tell they're in their element on every track and it's contagious! Check out their song Winning, below.

13). Phyllisia Ross - I've been rocking with her for years now and even had a chance to touch base with her a few times. She's not only down to earth but she has a powerful voice. You can hear her range on every song. Check out DI MWEN, below.

14). Nova Twins - If you're into urban punk, you'll love these two. Their music if filled with bass, visuals and vibes. Check out Mood Swings, below.

15). Princess Nokia - This NYC native bring spirituality, sisterhood and everything in between to hip-hop. She just released her visual for For the Night a few days ago. Peep it, below.

16). Mélissa Laveaux - Canadian singer- songwriter and guitarist of Haitian decent takes us on a journey with her lyrics and voice on her song Triggers. The visual is just as pleasing as her voice. Check it out, below.

17). IAMDDB - As you all know, I love the Youtube channel Colors and I stumbled upon this gem and her sultry vibe while she was performing Pause. She's everything! Check out the performance below.

18). Jorja Smith - Her style, voice and vibe has me hooked. I have a thing for the 80s and 90s and this chick gives me the 90s feels all over again. Get your nostalgic feel below from her song, On my Mind.

19). Princess Eud - This goddess is literally named Haiti's Queen of Hip Hop, so you know she's lit. In EVERY music video, she gives you QUEEN visuals nonstop. Check her out in EUDOMINATION below.

20). Lady Leshurr - Her freestyles alone will have you HYPE. I heard her on spit something quick over Missy Elliot's She's a Bitch and I could swear Youtube was on fire from her heat. Lawddd! Check out her song Black Panther, below.

21). Ibeyi- These two Afro-Cuban sisters are of course sultry, jazzy, hip hop and soul all in one (can you guess what my fav genres are? Haha!) I think the visual of River had me in aw. It's so simple yet I was like, " Damn this is hot!" Check it out, below.

22). NoName - NPR & Colors are the best spots to find new artist, and I found these amazing artist right after I found Tank & the Bangas. NoName is smooth just like Tank and their music is mellow as fuck. Check out their Tiny Desk Concert, below.

23). Mahalia - She's so chill and smooth! Of course, Colors put me on so I just had to pass the vibe on to ya'll. Check out her performance Sober, below.

24). St. Beauty - Their music is so fun! The aesthetic of their song Caught is so old school and I'm fully convinced the music industry is coming to their senses and bringing that old thang back, finally. Check out Caught, below.

25). Chloe x Halle - Let these young kats bless you with some culture with their tunes. I love their fashion, their personalities, their show Grownish and their music. Let them inform you that The Kids Are Alright, below.

26). Tiwa Savage - You KNOW I couldn't end this list without some Afrobeat vibes! It's my favorite and Tiwa sets the mood for a damn good day with her music. Check out her remix to Get It Now w/ Omarion, below.

27). Ella Mai - I'm so damn happy she finally released a visual on Boo'd Up because I've been vibing to her for a while now. So glad she's finally getting the hype she deserves. Check out Boo'd Up, below.

28). Nitty Scott - I'd be so damn happy if Nitty & Princess Nokia put out a track together. They both tell their stories in a way that not only educates, but gives you just the right amount of culture. Check out La Diaspora, below.

29). Diamond White - Their music video for Cleopatron has us in ALL shades and I'm here for it all. Get drunk on her and her visual, below.

Have fun listening and if I find more, I'll be sure to make another article. Until, enjoy these vibes.


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