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America, who do you see?

If facts are facts it makes sense for one party to rule the land.

But now that one does what facts are we not seeing?

Who and what really matters in this country that's suppose to brave and free.

Climate change is our fault and it's real.

By 2030 we'll have higher sea levels, like up to our knees

The polluters want cap and trade, it'll help them make good deals

and keep ruining our planet. You know, the home of all our countries.

But if you live middle America you won't even see. When the oceans get more acidic, you won't even see. When the poor clamor cause of sick fish please don't say how could we miss this.

Because even when it's your own cities you don't even see. I'm talking about "that" Michigan city, known as Flint.

Or the communities of color in Opa-Locka, Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, Charleston, Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago, Green Bay, ....

Are we speaking different languages or are we from different countries?

America, because this party rules the land there are people you don't see. Because when we publish, speak up and take a knee you might listen and read but won't let us be completely free.

So since protesting and free expression are guaranteed, we'll at least get your attention. If you really see us, next time don't vote like a bunch of, um, kitties.


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