The only way to change a country.

The most you can do is for someone else.

Though it starts with you, never forget about the U in US. (It's not literal bruh.)

If you thought Obama didn't do enough.

If you think the Democrats talk right but walk light then vote.

If you want to talk about what the Democrats could do, first make sure you know who you're talking to.

Cause maaan, if you want to tell someone about your frustrations, we hope to see you in line for every day of elections.

You want better public transportation. You want better for future generations. You should also want something done for the people that do the bussin and servin.

If you're so frustrated, stay motivated. Cause doing nothing is nothing. And our elders did something.

Listen, before the Voting Rights Act, we had to do math.

One person was 3/5 of a vote. We wonder how many of us did it take to matter at the polls?

So, how dare we now stay at home. And when our elders say "vote," we reply "nope."

Does it take three or five of us to reach one person?

The X-King combo reached a nation of millions and it lead to the act that's been a fact from the beginning; voting is a right not a privilege.

In November 2008 we clapped but in November 2010 we didn't have each other's back. Don't scoff! Voting is the only way to get that undue weight off.

To get non-violent drug offenders out of prison, reduce or get rid of certain sentences, legalize cannabis, help victims - vote.

You might know a Haitian, Central, South or incarcerated American who can't vote. So show up and wait in line and vote for us.

To help our families, protect and secure our utilities, jobs and money for our communities, reduce the cost of electricity - it could be free - if you vote for your country.

It's an action that helps millions and it only takes a couple hours to do.



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