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5 Underrated Sade Songs

We celebrate Helen Folasade Adu , better known by her stage name as Sade Adu. On January 16th, Sade is now 59 years young and as big fans, we are putting together 5 of her most underrated songs. Happy Birthday Sade.

5. Sade: Fear

This is one of the best samples to me and also one of my favorite Sade songs. Mobb Deep sampled this for Where You're Heart At and Freddie Gibbs sampled on Crushed Glass. Sade's voice shines throughout and the beat is one of the best Ive heard.

4. Sade: Moon and The Sky (remix) feat. Jay-Z

The remix of Sade's first single from Soldier of Love; Sade's 2010 album. Jay-Z's verse is incredible here and complements Sade very well.

3. Sade: Never As Good As the First Time

Popular to most Sade fans but not to the masses. Undeniable groove, amazing song.

2. Sade: Bulletproof Soul

Incredible writing by Sade and her vocals shine as usual. "Its not that complicated..."

1. Sade: Somebody Already Broke My Heart

Again, marvelous writing and look how Sade kills this live performance. Queen indeed.


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